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Available version  : 4.2
Website update : 2000/05/19

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is a new compression tool Windows 95,  98, NT4, W2k compatible.

After setting the parameters, data compressing and saving are operated with ONE double-click from an icon automatically installed on the Windows office desk.

DATA2ZIP does not need any external compression utility. The ZIP formatted compression algorithm is already included in the programming code. 

You may create SELF-EXTRACTING Archives with a lot of setup options.


The basic idea :   Designed to limit the usual steps needed daily to compress and save your precious data. "The more easiest is our DATA SAVING process, the more often we'll save." 

  • Interface studied (shortcut keys, direct formating, direct explorer launch, medium ejection )
  • Automatic creation of a start up icon on the start up menu in an archiving folder.
  • Easy identification : each new archive is renamed with the current date ( Date prefix format ). With an name like '2405MyData.zip' you do not need to check the date of last compression.
  • Better security : using each time a different date, 2405MyData.zip, 2505MyData.zip the file is copied on different places on the medium. It may also be useful in the case of a damaged archive 2505MyData.zip to be able to use the latest one 2405MyData.zip
  • Automatic deleting of old archives.
  • DATA files wich are to be saved are definitely memorized.
  • Automatic creation of self-extracting archives.Self-extracting files are ideal for sending compressed files to others who may not own or know how to use file compression software.
  • The restoring or uncompressing of the data are safe thanks to a restoring screen wich allows to define the restoration path and the solution to adopt in the case of already existing files on the disk.
  • Password ZIP/EXE archives options. ( permanent password or not !! )
  • Automatic DATA saving with a timer ( Each days, All  x minutes etc.... )
The interest of DATA2ZIP lies especially in the context of the DAILY Backups of the documents which you produce or modify. Your obligations as regards daily backups will be limited to put a diskette in your drive and click the button [ Start ]+[ Data Saving ]. 

Other features :
  • Compressing format is  PkZip, Winzip, InfoZip compatible.
  • Medium ejection (Zip 100) at the end of archiving process ( To avoid forgetting it in the central unit).
  • Multi-diskette archiving process.
  • Automatic closing of DATAZIP program if any errors occur
  • Quick formatting of the media when using F5 and F6 keys.
  • Checking of the diskette in the archiving drive (example : Zip 100 Mb in E: drive) at the beginning of the process.. 
  • Checking of the remaining space on the media before copying with temporary transfer on the hard disk if necessary 
  • Direct compressing process from the Explorer using the context menu.
  • Viewing of the content of a ZIP archive from the Explorer.
  • Restoring of any zip-formatted archive and uncompressing in a specified directory.
  • Possibility of finer compressing operations with a double-click on .DTZ file.
This check list becomes a little tedious, better try to pamper your DATA with an evaluation version of DATA2ZIP ;-)


00/05/17Version 4.2 is now available. Some bugs fixed under Windows NT4. Now DATA2ZIP and DTZ_EXPLO store a zipped files even if your target drive have a free space bigger than 2 GigaBytes ( 64 bits integer gestion ). Several source code optimisations.

00/01/26Friend's Links section added. Thanks to all webmasteurs who talk about my little tool DATA2ZIP ;-). I start today a new section on this page. The first one is a spanish general web site.

12/16/99Version 4.1 is now available.
What's new on DATA2ZIP planet ;-) ?
-  personalization [ Start ] + [Data saving] menu.becomes f.e [ Start ] + [MyHoneyMoon]
- new options for self-extracting archives
- split/restore multidisk of ANY type of  file ( restitution available without DATA2ZIP ) 
- compression with complet or relative paths.
- Backups reports file and protection of DATA2ZIP configuration for computer administrator.
 Have a NICE millenium transition. Hope this tool will be useful for you. 

12/03/99 :  Version 4.1 will be available at 12/18/99. I'm just killing the survivor bugs ;-).

10/31/99 :  Thanks for all comments and suggestions. The kindy bug of this us version is the OUI / NON buttons in Message Dialog Box instead of YES/NO. Sorry about that. Shame on me
                  I actually prepare 4.1 version with LOG file, better errors management and warnings, personnalization of DATA2ZIP Start links. Version 4.1 will be available before 10 december 99. I'll take care to translate my buttons at this time ;-).
                   Despite this translation mistake, the us beta version seems to be steady. That's why it's now a official us version.
                    Pamper your DATA Y2K BIG BUG is comming soon ;-))))

25/09/99 :  First US beta release of DATA2ZIP tool. Please tell me if trouble with scheduler and under WINDOWS NT4. Mail me your data2zip.ini file


You profit with registration of the following :
    - FREE update of the  software
    - technical support by e-mail 
    - permanent validity 
    - Self-extracting archive creation  WITHOUT the text " DATA2ZIP Add-on ". 

Download an evaluation version of  DATA2ZIP. Test this shareware during  30 days to check if it is
 appropriate for your needs and requirements as regards backup. 


DTZ_EXPLO  is a FREEWARE compression tool from DATA2ZIP. Self-extracting Archives produced by DTZ_EXPLO are free of charges or royalties and can be distributed for shareware setup.

DTZ_EXPLO allows : 

  • quickly compress directory using context menu of explorer.
  • view contents of ZIP or EXE archives.
  • extract one or several files..
  • create Self-extracting archives with several options  ( icon choice, run a file after extraction, information message box ... )


- FUNNYLAND.NET : a spanish general web site. Here is a link to the shareware section.
  Take a look ;-).

Copyright Dr LAUBENHEIMER mai 1999.
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